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During an active disaster important information, announcements, and links will appear here.

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There are no active disasters in Santa Clara County at this time

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The Food Support Network provides a means of communication and information sharing for organizations involved in the food system in Santa Clara County throughout the disaster cycle. This network can help organizations find funding for mitigation, conduct training/exercises for disaster readiness, strengthen communication during disaster response, and facilitate collaboration during disaster relief and recovery efforts, when food insecurity may be exacerbated and capacity impeded.

The food network is one of 20 networks CADRE is developing to facilitate communication for nongovernmental organizations in Santa Clara County throughout the disaster cycle. These networks are broken up by different community services and functions to allow for more focused communication. The networks are designed to give organizations a way to quickly find and share information, collaborate, and communicate, before, during, and after disaster. Fill out the short Network Sign Up Form to ensure that you are included in updates about the networks you are interested in joining.


The Food Support Networks has begun it’s quarterly meetings and is currently reviewing draft versions of their communication tools, for finalization in September’s quarterly meeting. We are actively trying to grow our network, as the larger the network is, the more effective it will be in building connections and supporting organizations throughout the disaster cycle. Once all communication tools are finalized, CADRE will develop training and an annual tabletop exercise to ensure the tools are effective and properly used.


1.) Webpage – This webpage and the forms, lists, and map within it will be updated regularly and used for continuous coordination and information sharing during disasters.

2.) WhatsApp Group – For live chat communication at the onset of a disaster, to provide major disaster announcements including meeting expansion, and urgent updates and requests. This group will also be used to conduct welfare checks, allowing organizations to quickly share information about disaster impacts and immediate needs.

3.) Meetings – The Food Support network holds one-hour quarterly meetings. The next meeting will be Mid-September via Zoom (Date & Time TBD). During disasters, meetings will be expanded at the network leadership’s discretion and by request.

4.) Back up methods of communication for the Food Network will include emails, phone and in person meetings, and utilization of Ham Radio and/or information centers in the case of technological challenges during an emergency. These backups are still being developed.


Active Partners

  • American Red Cross
  • Archdiocese of San Francisco (ADSF)
  • Cal DART
  • California Civil Air Patrol
  • California Highway Patrol
  • CalOES
  • Catholic Charities
  • CERT
  • City of Cupertino
  • City of Milpitas
  • City of San Jose
  • Community Leader/CADRE Translator
  • Community Legal Services of East Palo Alto
  • County of Santa Clara Health System
  • Evergreen Islamic Center
  • Farmworker Caravan & CasaQ
  • Galvin College
  • HomeFirst
  • Hope’s Corner
  • Hunger at Home
  • ICNA Relief
  • India Currents
  • Jewish Family and Children’s Services
  • Joint Venture Food Recovery
  • Korean American Community Services
  • LifeMoves – Opportunity Services Center
  • Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen
  • Martha’s Kitchen
  • Peninsula Food Runners
  • Recovery Café San Jose
  • RePlate
  • Salvation Army Western territory
  • San Andreas Regional Center
  • San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School
  • Santa Clara County
  • Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Management
  • Santa Clara County Social Services Agency
  • Second Harvest of Silicon Valley
  • Sewa International
  • Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits
  • Sourcewise
  • South Palo Alto Food Closet
  • StandUp For Kids
  • Sunnyvale Community Services
  • Sunnyvale DPS
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • The Health Trust
  • The Q corner
  • Tzu Chi Foundation
  • United Way
  • Valley Health Center
  • Veggielution
  • WeHope
  • West Valley Community Services


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