Official VOAD for Santa Clara County


VOAD Partners seek to match services to needs by recognizing the strengths and assets of each Partner organization. Rather than working competitively, VOADs strive to behave in a coordinated fashion in order to provide effective service to the impacted community.

In a disaster or emergency, CADRE seeks to coordinate member efforts through:

  • Resource Coordination – identifying gaps among service providers; identifying resources that can be shared among members; identifying resources available from donations in-kind from faith-based, private and the public; publicizes needs through available means.
  • Support to Continuity of Services – through the Assessment and Resource Coordination objectives; assist continuity of critical operations by community service providers

Coordination starts before disaster strikes.

Every organization, big and small, public and private have a role.

Become a CADRE partner to ensure your organization is part of the planning discussions and that your community is represented.