Official VOAD for Santa Clara County


This page contains recovery resources for disaster events that we’ve experienced, or have the potential to happen.

CADRE After Action Report for COVID-19, Wildfires and PSPS

Recovery Resources

FEMA Recovery Links


Long Term Recovery Quick Reference Guide

Long term recovery is the period following a disaster when the effected community and its residents return to a new normal state of living. A long term recovery program is usually established by the community, often with outside assistance, in order to help its most vulnerable residents through the recovery process. This Long Term Recovery Quick Reference Guide serves as a companion to the more extensive Long Term Recovery Guide (LTRG).

Quick Reference Guide 

National VOAD Long Term Recovery Guide

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD) is a coalition of organizations that prepare for and respond to the recovery needs of America’s communities in times of disasters. Throughout this recovery guide you will find references and links to other National VOAD resources.

Long Term Recovery Guide 2023