Official VOAD for Santa Clara County


When disaster strikes, and CADRE assistance is needed, CADRE notifies our Partners via Email and a CADRE website announcement via our blog.

Within 72 hours, CADRE will arrange a virtual or in-person coordination meeting of Partners and Not-Yet-Partners to gather information and share what is already being done.

The CADRE website will provide current information to all partners about meetings and activities.

Why is communication important?

The need to push information out to the community is critical. As a trusted information source to your clients/stakeholders/neighborhood, being part of CADRE will ensure you are providing current information.

The need to know what’s happening within different parts of the county is also critical. We communicate directly with Cities and the County so that we are working with the same data. We ensure that your community concerns are addressed.

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Language Support

Our goal is to be able to provide information in all 128 languages spoken in Santa Clara County. You may be able to help us reach this goal. Languages spoken in Santa Clara County can be viewed here.

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