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As the local VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) for Santa Clara County, CADRE helps to build strong pre-disaster working relationships and include all nonprofits who may have a role in disaster recovery. CADRE Partners are non-profits, faith-based, community based, private sector and government. It takes a village to manage emergencies. Add your organization to the network to be connected before, during and after disasters. Upon receipt and approval of your Partner application, you will be added to the CADRE database and will then receive information about all of our upcoming coordination calls, meetings, workshops and events.

Download the CADRE-Partner-Agreement_2024 and email the completed form to [email protected].

This agreement is signed by organization leadership to affirm the need to manage disaster recovery as part of a coordinated effort with mutual support. CADRE’s collaborative training and function-based team concept is a proven model for providing successful disaster assistance and we want your organization to be part of the network. Partnering is free and open to organizations anywhere in the State of California who may have – or like to have – a disaster recovery role to support our Santa Clara County community. Network Partners are those who participate in pre-disaster training and planning activities, as appropriate. When a disaster occurs, partner organizations will be notified of CADRE disaster coordination meetings.

Connect to CADRE’s Networks

CADRE is developing 20 support networks intended to provide a method for nongovernmental organizations in Santa Clara County to communicate throughout the disaster cycle. These networks are broken up by different community services and functions to allow for more focused communication. The networks are designed to give organizations a way to quickly find and share information, collaborate, and communicate, before, during, and after disaster. Fill out the short Network Sign Up Form to ensure that you are included in updates about the networks you are interested in joining.


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