Official VOAD for Santa Clara County

Fire Response

Declaration Date: DR-4558-CA, August 22, 2020. Cat A-G, Individual and Public Assistance.  SCU and CZU Fires

Air Quality

Resources for Air Quality

Here are a number of good resources for Air Quality. Find the resources that work best for your situation.

California Air Resources Board website has a lot of good educational materials.

Air Now 
California Air Resources Board 
Bay Area Air Quality Management District 
California Smoke Information 
Purple Air 
DIY Air Filter/Fan combo 

Alert and Warning

Alert SCC Notifications

All cities/towns in Santa Clara County use the Alert SCC notification system to alert residents of emergencies.

You must register to receive the Alerts.

Some cities/towns use additional notification systems as a backup to Alert SCC.

You should register for ALL alert systems used by your city/town.

Alert SCC Notifications 

Alerts & Warnings


No updates available


Cash Donations

Cash is the preferred donation so that funds can get directly to the evacuees to purchase things that they need. Donate to a trusted local nonprofit or go to the Fire Relief Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation who will distribute funds to local nonprofits to assist evacuees.


Trusted Information Sources - Response Agencies

CalFire Websites and Social Media

The Cal Fire Ready for Wildfire pages includes a link to view information on current fires in the area, also sign up for text messages about fires directly to your cell phone.

You can also sign up for a Wildfire preparedness app.

CalFire Twitter 
CalFire Facebook 
CalFire Ready for Wildfire 
CalFire Incidents 


Santa Clara County Fire Website and Social Media