Official VOAD for Santa Clara County

Road Closures

Los Altos 9/16/23 1:11 PM

Do not move or drive through barricades; these barricades are blocking roads with downed lines (possibly live wires) and trees. Roads will continue to open or close as crews move through the area.

Los Altos Current Road Closures in these Areas:

  • Arboretum Drive Road between Farm Road and Sequoia Drive. Road closed signage posted with detours to go around the closure (Pinecrest Drive to Beechwood Lane to Sequoia Drive).
  • Southbound San Antonio Road/Maynard Way
  • Rosita Avenue/Parma Way
  • Miguel Avenue/Peninsular Avenue
  • San Antonio Road/Pepper Drive/Eleanor Avenue
  • Covington Road/Bellevue Court/Campbell Avenue


Los Altos Hills will have the following continued road closures due to down power lines and trees at the following locations:

  • La Paloma near Alta Tierra Road
  • Alta Tierra Road at Robleda Road
  • Magdalena Avenue near Elise Court
  • La Cresta Drive near Nina Place

Residents without electricity are welcome to visit the Town Hall, 26379 Fremont Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022, for Wi-Fi access from 9-Noon, 1-5:pm.

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