The Valley Water Emergency Operations Center continues to monitor the current storm.

Valley Water CEO Rick Callender signed a flood emergency declaration Wednesday afternoon. See the signed declaration here.

Valley Water staff worked overnight Wednesday to monitor stream flows, water levels and areas of concern. Valley Water crews worked around the clock to clean and remove debris from various waterways. Since Wednesday evening, five waterways reached the flood monitoring stage and quickly receded with no flooding impacts. Those included:

  • Guadalupe River at West Alma Avenue in San Jose
  • Ross Creek at Cherry Avenue in San Jose
  • Berryessa Creek at Cropley Avenue and Piedmont Road in San Jose
  • Coyote Creek at Berryessa Road in San Jose
  • Sunnyvale East Channel at Tasman Drive in Sunnyvale

The demand for sandbags at our sites remains high and Valley Water is prioritizing our sand and sandbag delivery. Staff worked tirelessly Wednesday to fill sandbags and meet the increased demand. Overnight, 60 tons of sand was delivered to various locations, including one at 12:50 a.m. Crews also monitored the sandbag locations.

Leading up to the Dec. 31 storm and through the storm on Jan. 4-5, about 22,300 filled sandbags were distributed throughout the county. For this entire rainy season, more than 65,000 filled bags have been distributed. With more storms on the horizon, Valley Water is working to keep these sandbag locations stocked.

Valley Water had teams in the field overnight Wednesday monitoring waterways in-person. Three of these two-person teams remained in the field until Thursday at 5:30 a.m.

Valley Water is continuing its EOC operations Thursday and monitoring current conditions.