Official VOAD for Santa Clara County

Community Preparedness Month

Community Preparedness Month is the local emergency preparedness initiative recognized every September to encourage community members to take an active role in the emergency planning process by being prepared citizens.

Attached is the digital toolkit for the 2021 Community Preparedness Month.

This year’s themes are as follows:


Week 1: Sign up for AlertSCC

  • How to sign up
  • How alerts are received
  • Types of alerts
  • Your information is safe
  • Right information, right time, right decision


Week 2: Make A Plan

  • Evacuation plan
  • Planning for Access and Functional Needs
  • Family communications plan
  • Stay connected


Week 3: Build an Emergency Supply Kit

  • Emergency Supplies are Critical for Survival
  • Go Bag
  • Stay Kit


Week 4: Help Your Family, Friends, and Neighbors

  • Whole Community – Business
  • Whole Community – Family & Friends
  • Whole Community – Neighbors
  • Whole community – Youth
  • Youth Preparedness Council


Digital Toolkit Images 
Digital Toolkit Messages