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Get Us PPE is Ceasing Operation

Posted On: May 29, 2021

Get Us PPE will be ceasing PPE deliveries by Friday July 2, 2021.

We are currently distributing our remaining donated inventory that best matches the existing requests in our database. At this time, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to find donations to fulfill the needs of every request. We very much wish that we could, and our volunteer-driven team is working around the clock to make as many matches as we can. For more information on how we made this decision, and what Get Us PPE will continue to do, visit

However, we still urge you to continue updating your needs for PPE until July 2. Why? Even if we are not able to fulfill your request, this de-identified information will inform our database which remains the largest source of non-governmental reporting on the PPE climate in the U.S. Should the need arise to distribute PPE in the future, this comprehensive, confidential database could be crucial to the effort to understand the amount and nature of PPE needs across regions and facility types.

After July 2, 2021 if you still have need for low or no-cost PPE, we encourage you to reference our website for alternative sources of PPE. If you are looking to purchase from a supplier, please visit our partner’s website of vetted suppliers.